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Monday, March 17, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar

16th of March, 2008. The day I watched Jodhaa Akbar. A day that will go down in my personal history as having changed something inside me.

This movie has left me spellbound. My sister told me to write down what I feel so I am going to try and do that, but I'm afraid the bulk of my emotions will remain inside me, unable to be formalised as verbal expression.

I was walking down calle Botella in the Raval on Saturday night when I saw a Hindi DVD store and immediately went in and bought the pirated copy of Jodhaa Akbar (the only version available). I'm so glad I did that because watching the movie yesterday has awakened something dormant in my being.

At the moment, I feel as if a ball of pure energy were rolling inside me, gaining size, momentum and consistency with each passing moment, waiting to explode into a torrent of emotions, each atom of which, filling my being with one desire: to reach out and touch my roots. The desire to be in Rajasthan and lose myself in the towns, villages, palaces, lakes and deserts of my beloved land.

Is there a reason I was born a Rajput Jat? The Rajputs hailing from the Kshatriyas, ancient Hindu warriors that defended their kingdom, their people, and faith. It has dawned on me, that in my own way, I have to somehow defend what my ancestors have been preserving for thousands of years, and the fact that so far I haven't dedicated any part of my life to that effect is making me restless.

Its been hard for me to recognise reality coming out of this 3 hour 20 minute cinematic experience; I'm in a daze, unable to grasp where I am, or what my purpose is in being where I am, or even maintain a conversation over 2 minutes long. This film (in spite of being a pirated dvd watched on a home television set in a slightly hungover state), has to be one of the best in my life.

And while I come out of my daze, I recommend everyone to watch this love story of a Rajput princess and the greatest of the Moghul emperors in 16th Century India, for a well spent 3+ hours (although in my case they really just flew by).


  1. Wow that good, eh? I must watch it!

  2. Not just that good. Its probably the best Hindi movie I've ever seen. Excellent performances by both the leads.

    Hrithik is adonis come alive, he's got to be the best looking male alive. I'm just stunned overall and can't get enough of this film. I think I know what I'll be doing over easter :)