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Friday, August 1, 2008

What We All Knew

The New York Times today has run a headline that says "Pakistanis Aided Attack in Kabul, US Officials Say." Not that we all didn't already know that the July 7th Kabul bombing on the Indian Embassy was orchestrated by Pakistani intelligence already. On the day of the attack the Afghan officials released a statement saying that Pak's ISI was behind the attack. Days later, India accused the same Pakistani organisation (ISI) which, by the way, belongs to the "government" of Pakistan, of having a hand in the attacks, which Pak as usual denied. Not that there was any doubt as to Pakistan's hand in the attack, however, the finding by the supposedly neutral American CIA now merely confirms widely held suspicions.

I had a good laugh yesterday when I read in a piece of news that Pakistan wanted a similar nuclear deal as India. I thought, "are they serious?" I mean really, we're talking about today's uncontested number one terrorist country (should rename itself Terroristan), whose government itself harbours and supports suicide bombings and other radical and politically motivated attacks on innocent civilians on an extremely regular basis, and here they are crying that they can't have the same nuclear deal as India.

With all my respect towards my neighbours (the Pakistani shop-owners in Barcelona are good friends who I regularly buy samosas and other goodies from), Pakistan has light years of moral and economic progress to make before they can even start to compare themselves with India. I wish them all the success but before any real physical changes will ever be seen, mentalities first have to change - drastically. Unfortunately, that takes a long, long time to happen.

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