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Friday, November 28, 2008

India Says "Enough is Enough"

I have barely and badly slept since Nov 26th when the attacks on Bombay began. I'm so tired and emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted right now, that instead of writing my feelings, I will refer to posts and articles that express what I'm feeling. Here goes:

1. A blogger writes, “We cannot tolerate these fanatics arriving in a boat on the Mumbai coast armed with explosives and guns. We cannot tolerate the fact that they got into high security stations and so called well protected hotels with guns and bombs and held people hostages. We cannot tolerate the fact that they killed people to just prove that they were capable of doing so. I refuse to be resilient. I refuse to be tolerant. I want answers and I want them now. I want to know why the intelligence did not spot this. I want to know why the coast guard did not spot this. How can we let these uncivilised people hold the city at siege? I don’t care if this post does not make sense”. Original post here.

2. Another furious blogger writes: “What will be the latest excuse by our home minster for his incapability? What will be the statement from our PM for his weakness in handling the terrorist? Congress is worried about his vote bank in one particular community (read Muslim community) so they will not act even though somebody will come and hit the very root of our identity. What worse than an attack at the very backbone of the financial and entertainment capital of a nation which dreams of becoming a global super power. Who will come to do business in a country where the 5 star-hotel is attacked and taken hostage? Are we living in Pakistan or Afghanistan where a loaded truck of RD-X blows up a hotel? What are you thinking Mr. Singh? Are you waiting for ur ally Mr. Amar Singh to announce 10 lakh each to the family member of terrorist killed in today’s blast? Are you going to provide legal aid to terrorist suspects? Are you planning to place a commission to investigate if Mr. Karkare was killed by ATS itself and terrorist were innocent? Shame on these Indian politicians!!”

3. Shobha De, a woman I deeply respect and admire, speaks out on the Bombay Attacks, asking politicians to stay out of it, and asking Mumbai to keep "resilience" out of their lingo for a while, as it is an excuse to forget about what has happened.

4. An American journalist, Scott Carey who lives in Chennai, shares an insightful piece "The Case Against Pakistan," on his blog, explaining the various reasons behind Pakistan's intelligence agency (ISI)'s motives to slow down India's economic progress and standing through terror attcks in India.

5. And finally, an article I'm sure came as a surprise to many, in the ultra Leftist and politically correct newspaper, Times of India called "PM's Terror Stand Comes Back to Haunt Him," criticising the PM of deploying a soft stance against terror.

A line from the article: " His tough-sounding words after the massive November 26 attack on Mumbai — that he would "take up" with neighbours the use of their territory for launching strikes against India and that "individuals and organisations" behind the outrage would be hunted down — sound like a tinny, worn out record. "

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