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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kashmir - a continued debate

The trigger was pulled by the Pak U.N. ambassador recently speaking at a special session on terrorism at the Security Council, when he began by saying he was “deeply troubled” by what had happened in Mumbai. “The best outcome of the tragedy,” he said a few seconds later, “would be the resolution of the issue of Kashmir.”

He got down to his "jaat" as we say in Hindi. How are the two events even related? - a person with common sense would ask. Well, all Pakistanis know that Kashmir is at the core of their Jihad. In fact, hatred for India defines their very existence. Well, what happens if they get Kashmir (they never will). Is the violence going to stop? Of course not. Its just an excuse. Today it is Kashmir, tomorrow it will be something else. They aren't going to stop till they have conquered the entire world, and imposed shari'a on all infidels, after having eliminated us ofcourse. Then they will have their perfect world as was promised to them, peaceful, harmonious, tranquil.

Does that even sound real? Not for a second.

They love to play the victim. They love to complain about having lost the territories in Palestine and that Israel is the devil for having taken the little piece of land that they have to make a home. What do they have to say about the ethnic cleansing they did to the Hindus in Kashmir, the original and rightful inhabitants of the Valley, for over 5,000 years?

I am tired of pseudo-secularism, and of calling a spade a diamond. I am so done with it. From now on, a spade will be a spade. PC my A$$.

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