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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barkha Dutt's Shoddy Journalism

Not only is Barkha Dutt 'audio-visually' revolting with her annoying screechy tone and ability to break her own record of not allowing those she 'interviews' to speak or finish their own sentences, not only does the dumb #%$& give away locations of terror victims and Indian soldiers live on TV so that terrorists can find and slay them, but now I've discovered that she has zero writing skills too. And she doesn't bother trying to hide her anti-Modi agenda while she's at it.

Here is a link to an awesome post at a blog that I've recently been following - Media Crooks. Exposes the revolting creature that this sorry excuse of a journalist is.

Here's the miss beautiful herself. Barkha if you are reading this, take my advice and retire now with all your CON(gress) paid stashes before the 0.05% of Indians who still take in your bullshit also put off NDTV as soon as they see your gorgeous face. On behalf of millions of Indians, do everyone a favor and retire!!! You could have a great life somewhere in the Bahamas with all that bribe money.

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