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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rahul Gandhi: India's Biggest Disaster In the Making...

This is 100% courtesy of Mediacrooks. Read the original post here. This post totally nails the issue about the Indian Sarah Palin, thats why I just had to re-post.
There are abundant stories about Rahul Gandhi on the internet that the mainstream media will never report. Full of ass-licking reporters and journalists that our MSM is filled with it is only the small bloggers and passionate patriots who report the stories of this wonderboy called Rahul Gandhi.

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy for this nation to get prime ministers like Manmohan Singh. His utterances on various issues or silence on issues of significance makes me wonder if we really deserved something as bad as this. His latest on the Kashmir issue offering "autonomy" is one such foolish statement. The Congress is virtually leading up to the path where Kashmir will soon be an Islamic state. That there is already something like Article 370 in the constitution, displacement of millions of Pandits from that state, and TV channels and immoral intellectuals promoting the cause of separatists is beyond this prime minister. Instead of coming down firmly in a war-like approach towards the separatists this constant talk of dialogue is nothing but a sure recipe for disaster. It has been fashionable for Congress to coin slogans like "Garibi Hatao", "Aam Aadmi" and so on, when the greatest gift to the nation by the party has been Corruption! Corruption in every form possible, from politics, businesses, the Babus, and even to the Commonwealth Games. Nothing has been spared.

It is in this context of pandering to muslims, vote-bank politics, destruction of everything that stems from the age-old Hindu values of tolerance and peace that the thought that the Congress' future prime minister will one day be Rahul Gandhi. The man is the biggest disaster in the making for India. Except for playing the drama-queen, like Indira Gandhi once used to do, in going to villages or places and dressing up like tribals, having a token meal with a poor family, or running around local trains in Bombay (with a minister carrying his footwear) to the inconvenience of other commuters, mundane speeches telling tribals how he saved their village, what does the man really have for substance?

Lets start with his education! He is supposedly M.Phil, Computer Scientist, Harvard Graduate, St. Stephen's alumni. With such academic background I wonder why he isn't in NASA instead of being a lousy politician. Or probably, as many investigative reports would frequently suggest, he is not more than 12th Class pass. There is nothing in his utterances that would even vaguely suggest that he has gone through some form of higher education. Nothing wrong with that. You don't need a great IQ to be in Indian politics. Well, even his father didn't get through Cambridge and returned with an au pair for a wife. His mother is often reported to have studied at Cambridge. I wonder why Cambridge University never takes these fallacies as an insult to them! Still, lets give the man a pat on the back, he is definitely an improvement upon various politicians who have never got past 7th Class in school. And, I don't for a moment believe that formal graduation has anything to do with anyone's wisdom or character. This is where Rahul Gandhi is suspect. The least I would expect of a future prime minister is wisdom and character.

He is reported to have travelled to the USA on an Italian passport with his Latino girl friend and detained at an airport by the FBI in 2001 with a bag-full of dollars. Surprisingly, the issue was reportedly hushed up by the then NDA government, when it should have conducted a full-scale investigation of where the money came from, what its purpose was and why the FBI had detained him. Maybe this runs in the family, his uncle Sanjay Gandhi (then Sanjiv Gandhi) was once arrested by the London police for a petty car theft. If these are rumours then Rahul Gandhi would do well to stand up and provide a concrete and conclusive explanation. However, it doesn't stop with that.

There are abundant reports on the internet suggesting Rahul was involved in a gang-rape in Amethi in December 2006. The police are said to have hushed up the case and no FIR was ever registered. Any ordinary man who's aware of a rape case being reported against him would immediately work and go all out to have his name cleared if he was innocent. No such thing by Rahul Gandhi yet to my knowledge. There are also reports that immediately after the Bombay carnage of 26/11 our heir apparent was partying away in Delhi in the first week of December. This is supposedly the man who shares the grief of the common man and villagers. It is also our big misfortune that we have a lame media that gleefully keeps off all such news from people. Instead, our media never fail to fall over each other in covering Rahul Gandhi's tours and giving ample air time to his stupid and childish utterances. This is also the man who, while nearing 40, went on a "Discover India" trip. And the one who reportedly went on a trip to Afghanistan because "he was bored in Delhi"!

That Rahul Gandhi has neither wisdom nor character is beyond any doubt to me. Where does this come from though? His family has a history of perpetrating unwanted miseries on India. I have nothing against Jawaharlal Nehru, but cannot help thinking he nearly turned India into a communist state, repressed free enterprise, compromised Kashmir, had a flawed China-policy leading to the 1962 war and defeat by China, who grabbed parts of our land and are still in possession of those, fathered the now redundant Non-Aligned movement. All this only indicates lack of vision in a leader of young democracy. Of course, Nehru is also the man to have caused the perpetual imposition of "reservations" in this country, one of the most divisive policies ever.

Then we had the infamous Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi and following her death the slaughter of Sikhs by Congressmen who still roam free. Amid the tragedy, Rahul's father Rajiv Gandhi, could only come up with a stupid statement "when a great tree falls, the earth is bound to shake" (or something to that effect). To Indira Gandhi's credit one can say she was at least bold and courageous. I see nothing of that sort in Rahul Gandhi.

What about his father Rajiv Gandhi? The man came to parliament with the biggest ever majority and the only thing he used it was to reverse a Supreme Court order in the Shah Bano case with a constitutional ammendment. An ammendment that deprives muslim women of rights available to other women. Yet, this party is supposedly the champion of muslims. It doesn't end there. Rajiv Gandhi is alleged to be involved in the big Bofors scandal, also involving Sonia Gandhi's relatives, and letting off Warren Anderson in the Bhopal Gas tragedy. In short, Rajiv Gandhi was another prince who was just as stupid as his son is. Yet instead of being ashamed of such a prime minister we have an unending number of roads, airports, bridges being named after the man.

With all that in his blood it is too much to expect Rahul Gandhi to be an epitome of wisdom or character. I would not be surprised if on a thorough medical examination he is found to be mentally retarded. Such are his utterances and behavioral patterns. I am a patriot as much as any other Indian but I must woefully state that it has to be a nation of idiots and fools, that deserves a prime minister like Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi was wise enough to realise that her ignorance would be thoroughly exposed if she had ever taken that office when she had the opportunity. I am not sure Rahul Gandhi even has the slight wisdom his mother had. I can only hope the Congress party disappears soon if their only hope for the future is this moron. When he opens his mouth I cannot help being reminded of Moose in the 'Archie' comics. Duh ?

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