Mi Bodeguita del Medio

While my blog is named after a restaurant in Havana I hope to someday visit, here you will find musings, rants, political incorrectness, thoughts on Indian Nationalism, strong straight-forward opinions and tid-bits.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I've been at war with Telefonica and my future internet provider Orange. Its incredible the kind of patience one needs to have for something as simple as installing an internet connection at home.

So anyway, dont have internet since I've moved into my current place with a nice Catalan girl in August. And still waiting... The doubt seems to be who's got to do what to get the connection in place. Telefonica needs to ensure that my telephone line is active, and once that is confirmed Orange will need to get in touch with Telefonica to install the internet connection. Sounds pretty simple...but it isn't! I've been waiting since August and no one seems to move their "culo"