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Sunday, August 10, 2008

ISI behind fake currency racket in India

In its anti-India efforts, Pak's "government" agency, ISI launches a fake currency racket in India.

"LUCKNOW/NEW DELHI: As it reels under the mounting terror menace with the fundamentalist outfits bombing cities to kill and maim innocents, India may also be faced with a grim threat of economic subversion.

A spate of seizures of fake currency notes across Uttar Pradesh with the trail leading towards Nepal has confirmed the fears of what the authorities call 'economic terror'.

While Indian agencies have for long been aware of ISI's plan to bleed India economically, having been engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the the plotters, the scale and sophistication of the operation has come as a shock to them. After the initial recovery of Rs 5 lakh from one Abid in Doomariaganj in UP, seizures have been reported from all over the state — Aligarh, Lucknow, Gonda and places neighbouring Bihar — leading the authorities to suspect that counterfeit currency adding up to Rs 40 crore may have been in circulation in Uttar Pradesh alone.

But what has stung security agencies this time is not only the quantum of the seizure but the fine printing and high quality currency paper that has been used to print the currency notes and strong evidence of collusion between banks and those working at ISI's instance."

Read the entire story here.

How much more proof is needed before something is actually done against the ISI and Pak supported terrorism? The only language that these folk understand is that of terror. They have to be taught a lesson in their own language. Soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pak to Probe Kabul Embassy Attack

Of the flood of comments that this article amassed (many ranging from LOL to hahahah), one reader said this, which sums up my views:

"Appointing the wolf to guard the hen house, Dr. Singh? This would be funny if not for the tragic murder of hundreds of Indian civilians and diplomats by Pakistan. Attacking the embassy of a country is an ACT of WAR. A country that is a victim of such an attack has every right, under UN conventions and international law, to retaliate by force and to declare war against the attacker. What do we do? We REQUEST the terrorist nation that attacked our embassy to investigate itself! We ASK the terrorist nation to prevent its attacks! We hold talks with them. We express outrage! We send them "tough messages"! Our leaders make phone calls to the leaders of the terrorist nation. Why not send the terrorists flowers? Do we EVER take any ACTION? Now the CIA and the US president have said the ISI was responsible for attacking our embassy in Kabul. What is wrong with the so-called leaders of India? Shouldn't we be bombing the terrorist camps into stone age? Shouldn't we capture the head of the ISI and prosecute him in our courts for murdering our citizens? Shouldn't we be amassing our army at the border? Cut off all sea and air routes to Pakistan? This is a terrorist nation. We should deal with them as we would deal with a terrorist, and one CANNOT negotiate with terrorists. We should not be talking to them any more. Afghanistan, NATO and the US are fighting terrorists harbored and trained by Pakistan on the other other side. On this side of the border their Army illegally entered our territory and KILLED our jawans. This is the right time to ACT. We amass 100,000 troops on the border immediately. We should start bombing the terrorist camps in Pak-occupied Kashmir NOW. Time for negotiations and dicussions has long elapsed."

Another true comment:
"Pakistan is a rogue state. It has, for the better part of its history, been a blood soaked military dictatorship, rife with intrigue and espionage. And the ISI has been exposed, once and for all! Thank the lord for that! There's no looking back from here: the whole world knows about Pakistan's double game now. Pakistan has lost all credibility. You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time. Thank god the US has FINALLY woken up to the fact that the military dictatorship in Pakistan is playing a double game, and diverting all US aid to combat terror towards waging a proxy war against India in PoK, and funding heinous terrorist attacks in India. Pakistan is in the deepest, blackest pit, economically, and instead of trying to compete with India, it should focus on its puny economy which is about to crash."

It would probably save a lot of time, fake drama, and possibly lives, if Pakistan would just hand itself over "officially" to the Taliban and its 'not so secret chum,' the ISI. Gilani, a PM elected in civilian elections, seems like a good man, and may have good intentions, however, lets face it, the country has always been ruled by the military, and by force. Civilian leaders have not survived. Which leads one to think - where is all of this going?

Friday, August 1, 2008

What We All Knew

The New York Times today has run a headline that says "Pakistanis Aided Attack in Kabul, US Officials Say." Not that we all didn't already know that the July 7th Kabul bombing on the Indian Embassy was orchestrated by Pakistani intelligence already. On the day of the attack the Afghan officials released a statement saying that Pak's ISI was behind the attack. Days later, India accused the same Pakistani organisation (ISI) which, by the way, belongs to the "government" of Pakistan, of having a hand in the attacks, which Pak as usual denied. Not that there was any doubt as to Pakistan's hand in the attack, however, the finding by the supposedly neutral American CIA now merely confirms widely held suspicions.

I had a good laugh yesterday when I read in a piece of news that Pakistan wanted a similar nuclear deal as India. I thought, "are they serious?" I mean really, we're talking about today's uncontested number one terrorist country (should rename itself Terroristan), whose government itself harbours and supports suicide bombings and other radical and politically motivated attacks on innocent civilians on an extremely regular basis, and here they are crying that they can't have the same nuclear deal as India.

With all my respect towards my neighbours (the Pakistani shop-owners in Barcelona are good friends who I regularly buy samosas and other goodies from), Pakistan has light years of moral and economic progress to make before they can even start to compare themselves with India. I wish them all the success but before any real physical changes will ever be seen, mentalities first have to change - drastically. Unfortunately, that takes a long, long time to happen.