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Friday, January 11, 2008

Holidays are Great

I made a trip to Puerto Rico last month. Was wonderful to be in a tropical place in the middle of winter. Reminded me a little of Thailand (everytime I go to a remotely tropical beach, I'm reminded of Thailand). How I wish I could just pack a backpack and head to Thailand.

Anyway, we did have a Thai connection in the time I was in PR. On Christmas Eve we made a vegetarian Thai dinner which was just delicious, and then opened our presents that Niño Jesús got us. I got lovely yoga pants and a black cap which rocks. I loved seeing my friends in PR, which is a Spanish family that I met in Atlanta years ago while I was studying at UGA, and because they were like my first Spanish family, literally.

Then a few days later I headed to NYC. Who wouldn't like to head to NYC to celebrate new year's eve. That wasn't a question, by the way. My better half decided last minute that he'd like to join me, so there we were, visiting the sights of the city in minus 5 to minus 12º C weather. I've never been colder in my life, it was as if no matter how many layers you put on, you're still gonna be cold. So you may as well get used to it. I guess they sell specific clothing for extreme cold, and I guess that that is what you're supposed to have when you visit NY around new year's time. And we thought we went prepared...no, at the end of the day we were like two clueless Spanish-Indian people. But then it is also a city (country) thats extremely well heated indoors. In Spain people are more conscious about energy from a young age and minimise its use. They bundle up in order to save energy, in the US, its snowing outside and you sit inside your living room in a t-shirt, imagine the disparity.

We had a blast partying NY style, and the best part was the reunion with old friends again.

Love the holidays!