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Sunday, August 10, 2008

ISI behind fake currency racket in India

In its anti-India efforts, Pak's "government" agency, ISI launches a fake currency racket in India.

"LUCKNOW/NEW DELHI: As it reels under the mounting terror menace with the fundamentalist outfits bombing cities to kill and maim innocents, India may also be faced with a grim threat of economic subversion.

A spate of seizures of fake currency notes across Uttar Pradesh with the trail leading towards Nepal has confirmed the fears of what the authorities call 'economic terror'.

While Indian agencies have for long been aware of ISI's plan to bleed India economically, having been engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the the plotters, the scale and sophistication of the operation has come as a shock to them. After the initial recovery of Rs 5 lakh from one Abid in Doomariaganj in UP, seizures have been reported from all over the state — Aligarh, Lucknow, Gonda and places neighbouring Bihar — leading the authorities to suspect that counterfeit currency adding up to Rs 40 crore may have been in circulation in Uttar Pradesh alone.

But what has stung security agencies this time is not only the quantum of the seizure but the fine printing and high quality currency paper that has been used to print the currency notes and strong evidence of collusion between banks and those working at ISI's instance."

Read the entire story here.

How much more proof is needed before something is actually done against the ISI and Pak supported terrorism? The only language that these folk understand is that of terror. They have to be taught a lesson in their own language. Soon.

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