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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who Did It?

26 November, 2008. Mumbai. Blown up. So far 80 dead, 300 wounded. The Taj Palace, 105 year old landmark symbol of Mumbai in flames.

The question - who did it?

The Buddhists.

Nope, wasn't them.

Surely the Hindus?


The Sikhs?


Jains surely then?

Don't think so...

Those empowered Jews then?


Then it must have been those Parsis.

Ah no?

Hmm...lets see. Catholics then for sure.

Wrong again.

How about the Protestants?


The Methodists?

The Baptists?

The Seventh Day Adventists???

The Shintos?

The Taoists???

No. Who is it then?

Couldn't be the Religion of Peace. No, can't be them. Just remember, and Manmohan "Puppet" Singh will remind us soon - Terrorism has no religion.

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