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While my blog is named after a restaurant in Havana I hope to someday visit, here you will find musings, rants, political incorrectness, thoughts on Indian Nationalism, strong straight-forward opinions and tid-bits.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Its soon going to be two years since I've been in Barcelona. Strange how time flies, and strange how life progresses. I was reading over this blog, when it was in its early stages. It was a strange feeling. I know I wrote that stuff (early 2007 posts, especially while I was travelling) but it seems as though someone else wrote it. It seems like a little girl speaking. Those writings almost seem childish to me now, similar to a little child opening wrapped gifts and explaining all that she got. Yet, it was me just two years ago.

Now I feel more aware, and possibly less capable to just let go the way I used to. They say that the more you know, the harder life is, or that 'ignorance is bliss.' I'm starting to wonder whether there is any truth to the saying. Because, its true, I do feel more aware. I've also become very sporadic writing here, and when I do, its something or the other that I have to vent about.

The economic crisis is at its peak. Spain has more lay-offs than any other EU country. Those of us still working are being told we're lucky to have our jobs. I'm started to wonder though if I've been sucked into the grind. Why do I feel so insignificant? As though I'm really not contributing one useful thing to the world?

I hope whatever it is, it passes. The winter has already been going on for too long.


  1. So I guess I'm not the only one feeling that. :)

    I'm sure it will pass. It always does.

    PS - winter isnt too bad no? You get to wear boots :)

  2. Yeah. We're depressed old goats. Its ok, hota hai. Will pass...

    And screw the boots! I want the sun! :-)