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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dangerous Riders

Strange things happen. Sometimes something you've known for ages but never said out loud, finds a way to come out of your head, in a bang, because you've had enough. You've reached the limit.

Lately, Oman has become a stressful place to drive in. People don't seem to have patience. Everybody is in a rush to get somewhere. Its amazing to see how people shamelessly cut into lines on the road when its clear that everyone is stuck and everyone has something urgent to do and somewhere to go.

This afternoon, I was driving my mum to the mechanic's to pick up her car. It had been raining all afternoon, the streets were wet. After seeing my car approaching, an Omani pulled up, and cut in right in front of me from the right. For the umpteenth time in the day I screeched to a halt and saved what would have been an inevitable accident. This is when I said it out loud. Omanis are the worst drivers around.

There are reports to back my claim up. Apparantly more children die on Omani roads per capita than any other country. I'm not surprised at all.

There - I've said it. And it feels good.

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