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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Starting Over

I'm moving jobs, new base being Barcelona. This is the third time I am going away from home, to live in a new place, and start over again. Spain isn’t new as I lived there while doing my MBA. Funny enough, there are no butterflies in my stomach. Instead, a feeling of great relief and the anxiety to start over is slowly seeping in, and the hopes associated with starting one’s own life independently.

Before it starts getting complicated, let me tell you that my current home-base is Oman, more precisely Muscat, a 'capital city' that is little more than a village, carrying an air of Middle Eastern blended with South India and topped with a bit of Americanism; for which, nevertheless, I have ‘mucho cariño’ as I have spent majority of my life in this little Gulf country.

In reality, modern Oman is little more than 30 years old. My parents have been here for well over three decades now, and have seen it grow from a 3km radius to what it is today. The Sultan is a good guy. I wish the corrupt Indian politicians would learn something from him. Not that there is no corruption here, but everything is alright in moderation...alas, try explaining that to Lallu.

Coming back to moving away, once you have lived away from home for a few years and have then come back to live at home, it can be a very difficult adjustment. Don't ask me why I did it, twice!! (Mum - Dad, thats how much I love you!) I have dealt with this adjustment every time I return and stay longer than a couple of weeks. This time it has been over a year already and I am itching to be back in my querida España.

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