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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Last Month at Work

Happy 2007 !!!

Its my last month at work. Im soon going to close the Oman chapter and move back to Spain. How great!

However, I still have exactly 21 working days to go. Each moment at work since my transfer was approved has been difficult. But this last month takes the cake. Each morning I think yesterday was long, hope today will be alright. But today always turns out to be longer and draggier than yesterday!

At the office, everybody and their mum knows I'm leaving and can't stop asking me nosy questions that leave me quite annoyed, because I don't have all the answers yet. Sadly enough, the entire transfer process has been not too well organised from the Barcelona side, leaving a lot of room for improvement. I've had to constantly do the follow-ups, which leaves me with a sense of being a bit of a nag, specially to the HR guy at their end. Its now that I wish they would come out of their holiday mode and get their culos moving.

In case my 'permiso de trabajo' (work permit) is not out and processed by the end of this month, I am surely taking off in February to go travelling to SE Asia. Thats my plan so far. Lets see how it goes.

From Muscat, Happy New Year !!!

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Nam! how come I didn't see this earlier! happy blogging!