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Monday, January 29, 2007

Paraddax in Oman Part I

The Muscat Festival this year was a special event for me as I worked to bring the Paraddax European Paramotor Team (EPT) to Oman, after having met them in Spain two years ago. The team was made up of: Armand, Ramón, Carlitos, Carlos, Nino, Felix and Cédric the coordinator. It all went smoothly and for 7 days I did the job of coordinator, chauffeur, tour guide and basically just had a great time with no or little sleep and rest, all worth the effort in the end.

The EPT is a group of expert and accomplished pilots who perform unprecedented aerial shows and exhibitions worldwide. With an impressive record exceeding 1500 performances in 20 countries worldwide, these guys are arguably some of the best paramotor pilots alive.

They were here for a week to do aerial choreographies for the weekend of Jan 25 and 26 (thursday and friday being weekend days in this strange land). On the second day, after favourable winds and after having done more than 3 choreographed routines, they decided to take me up and proposed a tandem. Being my first time flying in a paramotor, I was more than happy to get up there and what an experience.

Coming up soon... pics from the air.

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  1. Muy bien, muy bien Nam. Para cuando el próximo vuelo?. Un beso. Nino