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Friday, February 16, 2007

Koh Tao or Turtle Island

Im on Koh Tao island in southern Thailand. This place gets its name from the green turtles that used to abound its shores ( I think there arent as many now). All I know is that if there is a physical paradise on earth, this should be counted as one. It is so unbelievably green, the sand is so unbelievably white, and the waters are so unbelievably clear.

I'm starting my advanced padi in half an hour so this is a small update. Met a sweet Dutch girl on the bus/ferry, we decided to share a room. Got here and moved into our home for the week, which my dive company (Easy Divers) which is where Zigor works (the brother of a friend of a friend) arranged.

We got here yesterday morning and thanks to Zigor, we were invited to go on the boat and snorkelled for a couple of hours. The water is unbelievable. I am excited about my course, will write about it later.

A few observations:
- there is one main road through the island.
- you gotta take your footwear off before entering any restaurant, internet cafe, shop etc. basically no footwear indoors. its brilliant!
- internet is double of what it is on the mainland (in bangkok its 1 baht/min, here it is 2 baht/min)
- best way to get around, again moto (scooter). I have decided to learn how to ride a scooter here.
- the Thais say Hello/Welcome just like the Indians do with their hands in front, palms joined, Namaste-like. Still have to figure out what it is they say though.
- this is the most laid back place I have been to.

Ok, I am going on the boat now, but will tell u how it went!

Hasta ahora!


  1. Hi Nam,
    I have finally gotten a chance to read about your amazing experiences!! I almost can't belive it's you writing! It's been so long. I'm so happy you're having such a good time, and I look forward to reading more. Keep safe. Love you,

  2. oh my god, the pic is beautiful! and im soooooo jealous! hehehe.. but so glad ure having such a good time you gitana you..
    THIS is the real you.. travelling, exploring, making friends, being free..one with nature..

    cant wait to talk to u abt all of it!
    be good, and enjoy the rest of the trip, muah!:o)

  3. Jyoti, all I can say is you need to visit this place. Bangkok is not Thailand! There is so much more!

    Anura, hope to tell u all about it in person when you visit!