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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Selamat petang from Malaysia

The above means good evening in Malay. I have been having a nice time here with my Malaysian host family. I'm staying with a friend who lived in Oman doing whale and dolphin research for three years. She is currently working on a phd, and when she is done with it (late this year) she will be the youngest doctor I know (she is currently just 24 years young). Malaysia itself is a country of incredible greenery, mainly inhabited by three races or types of people - the Malays, the Chinese (but ofcourse!) and the Indians (mainly Tamilians). It has 14 states and a very well looked after infrastructure. It was ruled by the brits until 1967, and this year happens to be the 50th independance anniversary and the Visit Malaysia year as well. I must admit, I am very impressed with the little I have seen in the past two days.

I will recount my adventures later, but the big news is that my work papers for Spain are finally through! After all these months of hanging from the beurocracy thread, it comes through when I finally take off and go on holiday! Turns out I may have to return to Oman before the planned date, but in any case plan to make the most of the trip. Got my Laos visa today, did a lot of sight seeing, including KL tower, twin towers, little India, Chinatown...etc but I've shopped too much for my own good and now I'm going to be lugging an extra half dozen kilos around!!

Look out for detailed Malaysia post in the next few days!


  1. YAAAAAAYYYYYYY I am so happy for you! Guess I will see you soon in Spain and we will celebrate with a bottle of champagne!

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Yep, will see you soon! How's Madrid going?

  3. Gr88888 wrk Nammi!!! I enjoyed while reading your blog... Keep it up!!
    Best wishes

  4. Glad to see you're having fun on your trip mi hermana but pleeeeeease be a little more responsible and keep mom in the loop of your whereabouts!
    She's worried and scared shitless at the moment, please call one of us asap!