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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Back home

I'm in Muscat and my situation resembles that what Formula-1 people refer to as a pit-stop, whereby I rest and move on again in a bit. Been sleeping an average of 15 hours every day since I've been back from my month-long adventure. Taking into account jetlag and the fact that I'm not currently working, I guess this is normal. Did the medical yesterday and found out that my haemoglobin is 11.5 whereas the normal range for women is 12 to 16. That explains my shortness of breath and tiredness even with slight efforts. Incredible though, considering how much I eat. Searched the net and found out that I am going to have to make an effort to eat a lot of iron rich food along with Vitamin C in order for the iron to be absorbed by the blood. Another project for the year.

I still have to get my international driving license, reason being there are only about 12 countries whose driving licenses are accepted (or transferable) in Spain. Morocco is one, and neither Oman nor the US are on the list of those 12. Since my license is not transferable, I can use the international license in Spain for six months, after which if I want to drive there, I must take a driving test and get a Spanish license. Also, no automatic cars in Spain. I've driven a manual on occasion but never regularly, therefore at some point I'll have to get used to driving a manual again. So many bridges, its best not to worry and cross each one when I come to it.


  1. Mi querida Namrata:
    Me siento tan tan tan orgullosa de ti que no me cabe el corazón en el pecho. De esa niña GAP a ésta mujer valerosa han pasado sólo 8 años. Namrata te felicito por haber vivido intensamente éstos 8 años, por lo que has aprendido, por tu crecimiento y por ser maravillosa. Te beso con mucho amor. Isabel.

  2. Isabel, me alegro tanto de que sigamos hablando después de tantos años. En cuanto pueda, quiero hacerte una visita. Te quiero mucho muchísimo!! Mira tu email!