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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Life of a Consultant

I've been totally unable to blog over the last few weeks. Actually, make that last few months. I mean just sit down, breathe and let my mind flow. That seems like a far-away state of being right now. More like it has been workdays of about 10 to 12 hours, and then after-work time with colleagues. I've also moved cities (temporarily). I'm currently living in Santander, a city in the north of Spain (where its cold and rainy all through summer).

Apart from work, I've been engrossed in the book I'm reading right now "Shantaram." It is a true story of a man that takes you on a journey like no other. I have been so absorbed by it, that part of the reason I havent been here more can be attributed to it. I will surely write a review once I'm done reading, which I hope for my sake isn't soon (I dont want this book to end).

I moved here in the first week of june and plan to stay on till the end of july. I have a cozy company-paid flat all to myself, which is sweet. I feel lonely here, have to admit. But to compensate the company pays me free flights/trips on the weekends (to visit my base of Barcelona) and been using that up to travel.

I've managed to travel to a new place every weekend since June. Visited the Basque Country over two weekends - Bilbao and San Sebastian. Bilbao was two weekends ago, and in fact, I just got back from San Sebastian a couple of hours ago. I'd gone to see a friend from high school in Oman who later went to my rival school - Georgia Tech. Was good to catch up and hang out with someone from home after a while, and actually speak english all day.

Also made a weekend trip to Belgium with three colleagues last weekend. Brussels gave me a good feeling, apart from being a historic and beautiful city, its people seemed to be pretty relaxed and "assle free" :-) It has a modern and easy-going air to it which was evident in the manner people dress there (for instance people don't tend to copy shop-windows) or "escaparate-dressing" like they do here in Spain. Also a lot of different cultures seem to thrive there, adding to the interesting mix of cultures found in modern-day Brussels. The cities of Brugge and Gent were enchanting with their little canals and old cobbled streets. I bought a lot of chocolate, which will last me possibly till year end. Overall a good time and the weather was favourable without any rain. Tried a beer called "Westmalle" which I really liked. Anyone tried it?

Today is Sunday and I've just realised how tired I was after the last few weeks of intensive work and travelling/partying. And the proof is: I slept yesterday afternoon at 5:30 pm and woke up this morning at 11:30am. Thats 18 hours straight :-)

Next weekend I'm going to Ibiza :-) No explanation needed, its going to be non-stop beach and partying all weekend. I hope to be up to it!


  1. Hey Namrata

    Jeez girl, you are making me turn green with Envy. You know that i wanted to have a passport with a whole bunch on countries stamped in it, but you have already taken the lead on that.
    Here i am stuck in the god forsaken place for the $ sign, and there you are actually giving meaning to having a life. But save some for me too cause i am going to india in september and once i get my visa stamped, i am heading ouuuuuuuuuuuut of the US to travel. I already have trips to Morocco, Jordan, France, Venezuela, Mexico and Dominican Repoblic planned. But historically my plans have always been screwed up, so lets see what happens.
    But listen, sounds like you are having fun, so go for it and if possible enjoy on my behalf too.

  2. saludos a ti namsardar,
    no puedo hablar español y utilizar grandemente la traducción del google para escribir documentos en español.

    This, in response to an almost anonymous message you'd left on my page ages ago.
    I finally dug out this page of yours, and it is most definitely a fun read.

    I am leading quite a nomadic life myself but i am still discovering India, there is so MUCH of it :-P

    Anyway, enjoy yourself and stay in touch.

    Permanecer seguro,
    Mucho Abrazar


  3. Hi Nam,

    Discovered your blog by accident... You may not remember me but I met you at a few social gatherings at your place in Muscat.

    Your blog was a definitely an envious read... you sure have been globe trotting. Great going...

    I am working as a consultant in UK. Drop me an email on outboxx@inbox.com

    It would be really nice to catch up...

    Adios and take care,