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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Some people who read this blog may have noticed that lately I have become focused on India-related topics. I think this is just natural evolution. I've always found that the further I live from India, the more Indian I am, and the more I love my country. I've also become sensitive to what are constant and regular attacks on India, from its long-time, 1000 year old enemy. I'm taking a stance that few take. But I've decided to speak out, rationally, about the great danger that looms above the Hindu Motherland. I hope to be able to influence younger Indians to be proud of their homeland and to be ready to vote, and by voting have your say in the political and economic development of your nation. I recommend Indians to watch Rang de Basanti and learn from it. To take inspiration from Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Jhansi Ki Rani, Sardar Patel, Chandrashekhar Azad and other freedom fighters, to believe in ideals and live them. To take responsibility for your actions, and for the power that you hold in the form of your vote. Your vote is your single most powerful tool that enables you to take a direct stance in the future growth of India.

I want to educate Indians about the crime that the Left-Wing is guilty of: that of whitewashing our history. They are guilty of following the Nehru style Marxist philosophy that creates an illusional curtain of mystical co-existence of Islam in India over the last 1000 years. That is pure myth and a great lie, although your CBSE history books tell you otherwise. People like Romila Thaper and her gang of so-called historians should be tried in international courts, for having mis-represented to a nation of a billion people a manipulated version of history, for having manipulated facts, evidence and for utterly lying to Indians. We must know that a Hindu Holocaust was systematically carried out by Islamic invadors. We must read true Indian history, (widely available online) because unless we do that, we are not going to be able to confront and determine the real identity of the threat we face today: it is in fact, the unfinished business of the Moghuls.

I also want to direct this blog towards building bridges with the West, namely the US, which can learn a lot from the sad situation where India finds herself today by being politically correct and appeasing war-mongers. They can also learn from their mistake of siding with two-faced Pakistan, giving it $10 billion of aid since 9/11, and making it an ally on the "war on terror." The world now knows that while it takes US aid from one hand, the other hand passes it on to the Jihadists fighting the holy war against Indian infidels.

Again, this is a plea to young Indians everywhere. Take responsibility, visit sites such as Faith Freedom, Negationism in India, World Monitor, and articles such as this, this, and this, and inform yourselves and those around you. We have this tendency to forget the past, to just go on the way we are, to forgive, and forget... and our politicians have abused this quality of the Indian people to the max. Its time we wake up and take our destinies in our own hands.


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