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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why We Should Boycott NDTV (Updated)

As many already know, NDTV, a popular Indian news channel is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain which actively supports Communism. As ex-Pakistani President Musharraf allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan, NDTV gradually took on a pro-Pakistan stand (Pakistan being the greatest enemy of India withstanding). NDTV CEO Prannov Roy is brother-in-law of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India. His wife and Brinda Karat – Communist Party of India - are sisters. And last but not least, India's Verbal Terrorist and Paper Tiger, Arundhati Susan Roy is Prannov Roy's niece. As is obvious, the family is deeply Anti-Indian and Negationist. In fact, this troop of "newsmakers" leads the media's Negationist Movement.

They really must believe that Indian are dumb. Too bad for them, they are dead wrong.

So, even without knowing these details, someone who turns on NDTV for the first time, as I did online during 26/11, will doubt their objectivity with regard to their (persistent anti BJP and pro minority) commentary – but when you learn of their fund-sources and management profile, along with their political affiliations, you are left with no doubt about the reason for the highly evident subjectivity in their pattern of news coverage and skewed comments.

For instance, NDTV, just like its brother-in-crime Tehelka (Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka regularly gets flat checks from Arab countries to target BJP and Hindus only) and CNN-IBN (100% funded by the ultra-orthodox Southern Baptist church and allocating 800 million USD annually for promotion of its "interests" in India), did not highlight the burning and brutal killing of Hindu Kar Sevaks prior to the outburst in Godhra. Neither do they talk about the derogatory and provocative literature distributed by the over zealous Christian missionaries (more on this in another post) in Karnataka, or the background of the murder of Hindu Saint Swami Sri Laxmanananda prior to the Orissa carnage.

Notice how these channels fail to raise an issue over the controversial painter MF Hussein who depicted Hindu Gods in the nude in the name of art. Notice also how these channels selectively chose to ignore the beating up of the courageous Bangladeshi Activist Taslima Nasreen in a press conference in Hydrabad by Muslim mobs – her crime? Highlighting the brutality of Muslims against the Hindus in Bangladesh in her book, and ill-treatment of women in Bangladesh, due to Islamic practices.

Do you still believe that their “news” is free of hidden agenda? Watch this video.

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  1. I will be damned . Thank you for bringing this to our attention . Btw , is your name Namrata ?

  2. Do you know when was this piece of news aired ? Is it recent or old ?

  3. Kislay, the video was uploades on 15th February 2009, but I have no idea when exactly NDTV made this hate speech on air.

  4. You must watch this video

    Here CNN-IBN, also insults the Gujrati people as one who traditionally get other people to fight for them insinuating that the gujrati people are "effete"?