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Monday, April 9, 2007

Bollywood Magic

Lately I've got a good amount of Bollywood influence around me, thanks to my dear flatmate. The only movies she has are Hindi and every evening when I get home from work, I find her sitting at her laptop listening to her Bollywood course music (I work longer hours, ofcourse!). With this full-on daily immersion, I'm getting into it too. Or rather, I'm "staying with it" as almost all of the last year in Oman was spent watching Bollywood exclusively. And why not. I think Indian cinema is heading in the right direction, atleast as far as direction and scripts are concerned. And you know what? The music is not too bad either. I admit though that when songs have totally unorthodox lyrics like "batata wada" its not quite as happening.

I spent my Semana Santa holiday yesterday watching videos on youtube - from flamenco, to Nancy Ajram to Bollywood, and everything in between. For those who haven't watched Dhoom 2 yet (hehe, ofcourse I loved it!) I recommend watching the movie, if only for the Crazy Kiya Re video. Totally Bollywood, with all the jhatkas and matkas, so terribly catchy, and I can't remember seeing two Desi actors look so good before!

Ah, and who has watched Gangster? Awesome performances by Shiny Ahuja and 19 year old Kangna Ranaut. Soundtrack mostly good. Two songs worth talking about: Bangladeshi singer "James" makes an awesome debut with Bheegi bheegi and then Ya Ali isn't too bad either (who sang it?).

I could go on, but its bedtime so I'll write some more later as my Bollywood saga continues...... in Spain of all places :)


  1. lol.. in spain it was that my freakishly obsessive interest in hindi music began :)

    like sister-like sister aye? ;)

  2. oh yeah!!! that is wierd now that I think about it...........